Our Services Include...

    • Abstracting & Title Research
    • Due Diligence
    • Mineral Leasing and Rights Acquisition
    • Title Curative
    • Site Selection and Surface Negotiations
    • Right-of-Way Acquisitions & Assessment
    • Federal and State Lands Expertise
    • GIS Mapping Services
    • Outsourcing & Staff Functions

    MAO has a skilled in-depth team of professionals who can effectively manage large and small scale projects.  The Company is multifaceted in its operations. MAO is large enough to offer “turn-key” solutions to the biggest producers and flexible enough to fill a niche on a client’s  internal team.

    MAO offers comprehensive services and operates in the Gulf Coast, Mid-Continent and Rocky Mountain regions. The Company has leased in excess of a million acres in those areas.

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    Abstracting and Due Diligence

    Our Company offers clients nationwide special expertise in Abstracting and Due Diligence. Our Clients have used our Abstracting expertise with confidence for over 30 years. They have also trusted us with Due Diligence projects in excess of $1 Billion.   
    These are the reasons why:

    • Operate in multiple state and federal jurisdictions
    • Provide complete title curative services
    • Manage title ownership and accounting functions for large scale projects
    • Produce well written reports in a professionally bound and digital format
    • Have excellent relationships with federal and state agencies
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    Outsourcing Provider for Targeted Functions

    As the oil and gas industry business cycle expands and contracts some of our clients choose our outsourcing and staffing services.  We can provide Title Analyst and Division Order Department functions on an outsource basis at an affordable cost.  MAO can also provide financial functions on a project basis such as spreadsheets for unit determinations, working interest, net revenue interest and paydeck calculations.  MAO helps clients through staffing shortages and cost reductions.  

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    Urban Environment Leasing, Drilling and Abstracting

    Leasing, well location permitting, abstracting and title curative services require special skill in urban environments.  Issues in ownership and with federal, state and local laws often arise.  MAO has worked extensively in urban environments including projects in the Haynesville Shale in North Louisiana, 2-D permitting and leasing projects in the City of Baton Rouge and in other urban areas in the Gulf Coast.  Our Company can help clients address the special challenges of urban environments and avoid costly mistakes.