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Comprehensive Mapping Service

We offer comprehensive digital mapping by GIS analysts who have years of experience in the specialized field of oil and gas land work.  Using client data and research compiled by Mark A. O'Neal and Associates, MAO creates a power interactive tool for mapping and managing lease and drill site information.  We can tailor our mapping shape files for integration into any client's mapping system.  All of the information related to leases and drill sites can be accessed in one place with the click of a mouse. The maps that we create for our clients provide the information you need at your fingertips, enabling you to save time and make more effective decisions.  The vital data represented on the map can also be distilled into charts and graphs which can be powerful visual tools to include in reports and PowerPoint presentations.

This product is offered by MAO and can be customized to meet the many needs of the client, from simple area lease check maps to comprehensive drill site maps with unit, production and permitting data presented clearly and accurately.  This product can also be contracted as a service by drilling and exploration companies for use by their leasing and landman service professionals.

 Our Mapping Product...

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  • Is portable and easily revised
  • Eliminates cumbersome paper maps
  • Visualizes key details of drilling sites
  • Layers all pertinent information onto the site
  • Makes all information available by a "mouse-click"
  • Is compatible with other mapping programs
  • Is updated weekly or on an as-needed basis
  • Is highly flexible


MAO's comprehensive maps are built using the most up-to-date GIS mapping software, and feature multiple layers of all the pertinent data you require.  Base maps include geographic features and basic leasehold information, and can be projected on to topographic, aerial, world map, or the base of your choice.  

Other Features Include:

  • Unit information
  • Ongoing unitization activity
  • Well locations
  • Well permitting activity
  • Abstract/curative status
  • Geophysical/seismic locations/permits
  • Cultural aspects
  • Geological features - faults, contours, planes
  • Restricted areas such as national or state parks, wildlife refuges
  • Federal or state-owned minerals
  • State-owned water bodies
  • Oyster leases
  • Any other feature required by the client to accurately assess the area of interest

Most importantly, your maps can be constructed to link to important documents such as unit orders, well production data, permit applications, lease acquisition reports, etc.