Company Overview

Mark A. O’Neal & Associates is a professional land services firm with operations in the Mid- Atlantic, Gulf Coast, Marcellus Shale, Mid-Continent and Rocky Mountain regions and a 40 year track record of success in the industry.  With a large team of professionals, cutting-edge technology and in-depth industry experience, MAO offers comprehensive land services to the oil and gas industry.

We are equipped to provide the full spectrum of land services to local, regional and national companies. Our knowledge and technology integration allow us to deliver a quality product in an efficient manner. Our professionals strive to complete each project accurately and on time while being very attentive to our clients needs.


Benefits of using our services...

  • Comprehensive Services

  • Superior Technology

  • Effective Client Communications

  • Cost Benefit Analysis Approach

  • Knowledge of State and Federal Governmental Agencies

  • Respected Professional Team

Comprehensive services

MAO is a “one stop shop” for land services. Our Abstract Services, Due Diligence and Digital Mapping capabilities are second to none. With a 30 year track record in multiple regions MAO has a knowledge base that can help expedite any oil and gas exploration project.  Our technical platform is compatible with the software and mapping data bases used by the industry. Information can therefore be communicated very rapidly to clients. We have leased over a million acres of land for our clients. We have also completed Due Diligence projects in excess of $100 million. 

Superior Technology

Our technology sets us apart. MAO has Comprehensive Digital Mapping. Our system is unique to us and totally digital. Our mapping software makes unitization, topography, well locations and financial information such as net revenue and working interest available with a “mouse click.”  MAO also uses Microsoft SharePoint which facilitates collaboration by individuals working on the same project at multiple locations. 

MAO also provides technically sophisticated support staff services so that reports and critical documents are professionally prepared and presented to our clients. Our abstract reports are scanned and are presented in a digital or printed professionally bound format.

Effective Client Communication

In addition to our professional reports, we communicate with our clients in person, by teleconferencing and with video conferencing from our corporate office. We also maintain field offices in the various regions in which we work.  We are never further away than a field office or the text messaging or ring of our cell phones.

Cost Benefit ANALYSIS approach

The experience of Mark A. O’Neal and professional associates and staff are focused on a complete analysis of projects in terms of costs and benefits.

With proprietary digital mapping and other vast resources, MAO can help clients make logical decisions in terms of project costs, timelines and financial outcomes. 

We view projects from the client perspective and budget, not just as a service to be performed and billed.

knowledge of state and federal agencies

MAO does business in multiple regions and has working relationships with key state agencies such as Offices of Conservation, Natural Resources and Mineral Resource Divisions. One of our advantages is knowing how and where to access information from these large federal and state agencies as well as recognizing the differences in federal and state laws as they pertain to oil and gas exploration and production. We can expedite research, title searches, abstracts and effectively resolve land title disputes.

Professional Team

Our professional field staff has the skills to complete all aspects of a large scale project from inception to turning product into the pipeline. Mark O’Neal leads MAO’s professional team and has the experience and skills to manage large and complex projects.  Our range of services and people enables us to handle the needs of the largest and smallest producers with accurate and timely information.